Yes you can change your financial situation

We shows you that you can change your financial situation. She has already done it with hers and here she tells her story, which she can inspire many.

Change your financial situation: Like many people, 2 years ago I realized that my finances had no order and with work, the fortnight ended, so I decided to make a plan to pay debts, live and if it was enough, start saving a little (I still didn’t know why but at least I had already taken the first step to heal my finances).

I got down to work, and wrote down my income and expenses fortnightly since shorter periods would be easier for me to control; I adjusted to my plan and little by little I got out of debt. Of the money that I had from settled debts, I used 50% for other debts, and the other 50% was deposited in my savings account, which was already growing. After a year I had already paid my debts, except for the Infonavit credit, and I could finish the fortnight comfortably and save.

At the end of that year, my savings account already had a considerable amount so I began to read everything I could about personal finances, to date I do, I made my emergency fund, opened an investment fund, and put a percentage in the bag.

Earlier this year I thought it was time to review my initial plan to make any necessary adjustments. I decided to change my mortgage loan to a bank with which I lowered my debt by $2,000, which I transfer monthly to an investment fund that I opened to pay the principal annually and pay sooner.

“I know it has been worth it because I see the savings grow and the debts almost disappear” – Larissa

Yes you can change your financial situation

I also realized that in my initial plan, the expenses that I had fixed had increased (inflation was sabotaging my plan), including services and weekly grocery expenses, so I went to other supermarkets to check if I could spend less and what was my surprise that when I paid I had spent $600 less (which I transferred directly to my savings). I was doing the same with the other expenses, I had 2 internet and television services and I canceled one, thinking that if I needed it, I would contract it again, until today I have not missed a thing.

Since Friday night I had dinner on the street, so I changed that and better go out and buy what I want for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and bring it home, now I only go out 1 day and the expense has been reduced perhaps by 30- 40% weekly, I transfer that to my Afore.

These last 6 months I have realized that I can go to a mall and not spend unless it is something that I already had on my “next purchases” list. I do not deprive myself of buying, eating, or traveling; only now I do it in order and always adjust to my initial plan, when I see that some month I spent more, I review why and look for a way to lower that expense a little. I have 2 credit cards which I use to charge some services and I pay on time each month so as not to give my money away to the bank.

The road has been long, with constant learning and great discipline, but there have always been people who have reached out to me when I have any questions or concerns; I know it has been worth it because I see the savings grow and the debts almost disappear. What if it’s hard to handle a financial situation? Of course, it is, but it is also a great satisfaction that you control your money and not the other way around. Courage and forward, we can all carve out a peaceful future, the responsibility lies with ourselves.

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