In 2023 Challenge Agenda in bookstores, stores even Amazon.

By this time you already see the 2023 Challenge Agenda in bookstores, stores and even Amazon. Some have already run to buy theirs religiously

By this time you already see the 2023 Challenge Agenda in bookstores, stores, and even Amazon. Some have already run to buy theirs religiously; for some, it is the first time because something told them that it was time to change habits; others wonder what the differences are between this agenda and all those that preceded it.

As it would be a huge list, we are only going to compare 2022 -which is almost coming to an end with next year’s -which you should already have in your hands-. Each Agenda has a theme. This year was financial anxiety, not knowing if we were going to leave the pandemic behind; if there would be another crisis that would impact our finances; what would happen to inflation and interest rates, and also to talk a bit about new technologies (fintech and crypto assets).

2023 Challenge:

The 2023 Challenge Agenda will help you ensure that nothing gets in the way of your goals for next year; may your finances become all terrain. Sofía Macías, the author of the bestsellers Little Capitalist Pig and creator of agendas, says that her father told her that to be a good traveler she should always bring a swimsuit, a sweater, extra socks, a hat, and something for the rain. She is basically protected against any sudden or unforeseen change of weather but also takes advantage of any opportunity to have fun.

It is a good comparison of what you have surely experienced with your money in recent years. Therefore, it is time to leave the climate of uncertainty and prepare for EVERYTHING; Only then will you avoid canceling your goals due to any unforeseen event.

This is precisely what the 2023 Challenge Agenda is for: that your finances are as complete as possible; navigate uncertainty; grow economically, and enjoy meeting your goals. It may seem difficult to you, especially if you have a little financial slack, but if you apply yourself week after week with the exercises, challenges, and evaluations that Sofía prepared for you: you will be surprised at the progress.

What is the same in all Agendas?

There are things that do not change in the Agendas and they have a reason to be. First: Week 1 define your goals and give direction to your money. If there is an exercise that should always be there and you need to do it, it is your goal.

Goals are the rudder of your finances. Thanks to them you will decide what you want to allocate your money to; they will give you the motivation to improve and make good habits; It will help you reduce compulsive purchases because you will know what you are going to use your income for, and for so many other things. You’ll have to buy the agenda to find out.

The 2023 Challenge Agenda has 41 exercises, and 7 challenges, plus every three months there is a financial evaluation for you to measure your progress. The exercises take you a maximum of 30 minutes a week, the idea is that they are easy ways to see your progress. Challenges are just that: ways to challenge yourself to do something you don’t want to do or have been putting off; nothing is that difficult once you take action, but the extra adrenaline of achieving it over a period of time will keep you motivated.

What differences are there in the 2023 Challenge Agenda?

There are challenges that we do keep, such as the Lupe-Reyes Savings Challenge, which is one of the darlings and the fans would not forgive us. However, the 2023 Challenge Agenda has new ways to turn your finances into an all-rounder.

A very interesting one is that of Cleaning clients. Do you have clients that you adore, but others that are just plain tormenting you? How many would you say are good and why? How many do you need to thank? If you want to have good clients and good projects, this challenge is for you.

If you would like to refresh your closet without spending, then wait until November. Surely you are wondering how you are going to achieve it: it is much easier and more therapeutic than you imagine. Of course, you are going to have to practice detachment from those clothes that, the truth, you don’t even use anymore.

What else does my 2023 Challenge Agenda have?

You should know that the 2023 Challenge Agenda, in addition to having everything that comes with it, also has downloadable resources that you will love. There you can find the formats to carry your budget -whether you have normal or variable income-; an eBook for you to talk about money before you move in with your partner; advice from Iván Pierre-Lys, an expert in renting properties through apps, and director of operations at FINMOBILIARIA, so you can take on the challenge Rent a room in 8 days; that you will find in the month of May, and more.

We also have the classic stickers for your achievements; keep track of your goals; so that you do not forget the cut-off date and the payment date of your card; so that you can apply the famous ‘take it off, I’ll spend it; for you to mark each month in your diary, which was highly requested.

As you can see, in addition to an agenda, it is an exercise book that will help you challenge yourself with your finances. It is an investment that will generate stability and take you closer to the Financial Freedom you are looking for. Now yes: you can go look for it because they run out.

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